The CMA plays an active role in an international community of rangers and protected area staff. As a founding member of the International Ranger Federation and the European Ranger Federation the CMA has always been at the forefront of efforts to provide support and share expertise between Rangers around the world.  Through these links, our members can feel part of a worldwide network of guardians working on the frontline to protect the world’s natural and cultural resources.

There are a range of opportunities to get involved:

  • Share what being a Ranger means to youupload your images and stories to the IRF Facebook page.
  • Take part in ranger exchanges
  • Attend a World Ranger Congress
  • Attend a European Ranger Congress
  • Attend conferences or seminars being organised by other Ranger Associations
  • Organise or take part in a World Ranger Day event

If you wish to discuss any of these opportunities please contact the CMA International Advisor Chloe Bradbrooke


International news


New URSA Action Plan Released

URSA (Universal Ranger Support Alliance) have just released their Action Plan for supporting implementation of the International Ranger Federation’s Chitwan Declaration and furthering the professionalisation of rangers, read it here.

Luso (left) at World Ranger Congress in Nepal

Introducing Georgia

The Georgian Ranger Association is fairly young, having formed in 2017 after contacting the IRF for advice. The then Vice President of the ERF, Mr Roger Cole suggested reaching out to the CMA.

The CMA went on to help Georgian ranger, Luso Dostibegian, to attend the World Ranger Congress in Nepal. From here a great relationship has blossomed and the GRA and CMA are considering becoming official twinning partners.

This may take some time, working through viability and logistics, but in the meantime we thought it would be a nice idea for both Georgian and UK rangers to get to know one another better and the landscapes they look after. A simple light-touch way to do this is through pictures.

We are launching a joint photo exhibition called ‘My Environment’ where we’d like to invite rangers from both countries to send in nature themed photographs to share their environment, taken during the course of their work. The collected photos will then be brought together in an online exhibition.

Please spread the word. Each ranger can send 1-5 amateur photos with a brief description (where taken and what captured) to email:
Acceptance of photos will continue until July 20.  Please click for the full terms and conditions.

We are also running a parallel photograph collection taken by children to be shared with children from each others countries. If you run kid’s activities or have a school you work closely with please join in. The idea is to share similarities or differences in order to learn about our perspective counties, nature, activities and traditions.


Poor working condition of the world’ rangers revealed.

As nature continues to decline across the world, worsened by unrelenting levels of illegal logging and rampant poaching, wildlife rangers are one of the planet’s first and last line of defence.

However, the WWF have released results from the largest ever survey on the working conditions of government employed rangers across Asia and Africa, ‘Life on the Frontline‘ revealing the harsh realities of their work.





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