Death of Colombian park ranger

by CMA Admin  

Rangers in the National Parks of Colombia are mourning the death of their colleague Jaime Oscar Girón Porthole.

Jaime was patrolling in the mountains of Los Churumbelos Natural National Park on 27th April when he became a victim of an anti-personnel mine. This initially resulted in the loss of a foot but he subsequently suffered two heart attacks and passed away on the night of April 27th.

Mines, IEDs, and other explosive ordnance have been extensively used in Colombia during the conflict with non-state armed groups (NSAGs) and paramilitary forces. It is known that anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines laid by NSAGs are found along routes used by government forces and around NSAG bases, in rural areas, around schools, houses and national parks.

On behalf of CMA members I have sent our condolences to colleagues in Colombia.

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