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Iran - imminent execution of Park ranger

In 2007, Taghizadeh, a licensed park ranger in the Dena mountain range in southwestern Iran, was arrested for manslaughter after a shooting incident involving five illegal hunters.
The death sentence was issued despite the fact that Taghizadeh had all required licences for carrying firearms and was returning fire after being shot at.
An Iranian official said the Court's seal of approval meant the ranger would be executed within the coming two weeks.
There's a petition here if you wish to sign it -

CMA International Adviser

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Ranger Deaths

On 27 September 2011 a forest ranger was killed and another seriously injured in a violent clash with gorilla poachers outside a Lobéké National Park in Cameroon. The two rangers were on patrol when they discovered the carcasses of two critically endangered Western lowland gorillas in a forest camp. Intending to take the perpetrators into custody, the rangers concealed themselves nearby while waiting for the poachers to return to the camp. But they were spotted and a group of six or more men opened fire on the unarmed forest guards who both sustained multiple gunshot wounds. Ranger Jean Fils Mamendji, who was hit in the arm and shoulder, was able to escape. His partner Zomedel Pierre Achille, was hit in the chest and back. His body, stripped naked, was located the following day having been tied to a tree by the assailants. Evidence suggests that the victim was also severely beaten about his head and body, possibly with a rifle, before his death. He may also have sustained stab wounds.
He leaves a wife and five children.
(via WWF report)

Antonio Varela Jairo Arboleda (age 49 and father of three), a park ranger at the Natural National Park Paramillo in Colombia was assassinated on 5th October 2011 by a group of men dressed in military uniform. Details are still sketchy but the perpetrators are thought to be members of FARC, a anti-government revolutionary “people’s army”. This is the second case of death in 2011 of a Colombian ranger. In April, Jaime Oscar Girón Porthole, of the Park National Natural mountain Range Churumbelos, died from injuries caused after stepping on an anti-personnel mine.
(via IRF Latin America colleagues).

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Alfred Toepfer Scholarships Awards 2011

The Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarships 2011 were awarded as part of EUROPARC’s annual conference by the Chairman of the Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Mr Andreas Holz.
The award, which is generously sponsored by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S., is given to three promising young conservationists with practical experience in the field of conservation and in the work of protected areas. By supporting the participants financially the scholarships (each worth €3.000) enable them to undertake a study visit to one or more protected areas in European countries other than their own. The aim being to enhance international cooperation and to advance the quality, innovation and European dimension of protected area management.
This year’s winners were Tünde Ludnai, Ross Watson and Robbert Casier:
Tunde Lundai's intention is to study the role of rangers in the different fields of management of Special Protection Areas (SPAs under the Bird Directive) and Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) under the Habitats Directive. She is not only trying to collect best practices from the sites to be visited, but would also like to share her experiences with colleagues in the target countries (Wicklow Mountains NP, Ireland and Biebrza NP, Poland). After her study visit she will work with the Baltic Environmental Forum in Lithuania to support the development of the ranger concept in Lithuania. Lithuania has currently no ranger service under the national and regional park administrations, but the process of setting up such a service has already started.
Ross Watson is 31 years old, lives in Scotland and currently works as Operations Manager for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds at Abernethy National Nature Reserve. His project aim is to develop European partnerships and information sharing in the field of grazing management across three different woodland habitats. He hopes to learn from experienced practitioners in Northern, Eastern and Southern Europe how they have managed to work with different interest groups to manage large areas of grazed land for the benefit of forest expansion, field layer and deadwood. In addition, he hopes to see, on the ground, how a dynamic grazing system is creating a more robust woodland for a wider range of species, knowledge that could be translated to the Highlands of Scotland.
His chosen study visit locations (Dovrefjell in Norway, the Bialowieza forest in Poland/Belarus and Porojhe in Northern Slovenia) are held up as exemplar sites in Europe for the project themes (forest expansion, field layer management, deadwood creation and management).
Robbert Casier comes from Belgium, is 24 years old and has a masters in geology. Until July 2011 he worked as Assistant Programme Specialist for the UNESCO World Heritage Marine Programme in Paris. He is the second winner in the history of the award whose scholarship project is specifically dealing with marine protected area issues. The general aim of his project is to increase communication and exchange of knowledge between MPAs and World Heritage marine sites in the Mediterranean Sea. He will do so by determining the most important threats and management gaps of all visited sites; investigating the common problems and challenges of the studied sites; demonstrating that more transboundary communication between MPAs and World Heritage marine sites can be beneficial for both parties; and by determining whether World Heritage marine sites can be considered as “examples of management excellence” for MPAs. His chosen target areas are Parc Natural de Ses Salines (Spain), Brijuni MPA (Croatia) and the Cres-Losinj dolphin reserve (Croatia).

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