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Uganda - Kidepo National Park

On Saturday, March 26th, Lt. Leopold Kyalisiima of the Uganda Wildlife Authority was flying over the park when he heard gunshots on the ground. He returned to base and mobilized rangers to trace the source of intrusion. While checking to find the source of the shooting, they ran into the Toposa warriors from Southern Sudan. Kyalisiima was shot and killed. He is survived by his wife Florence and a baby boy.
The Toposa often invade Kidepo National Park for pastures and also hunt wild animals for food, particularly during the dry season. Poaching has been on the increase across much of sub-Saharan Africa due to a strong demand for ivory and wildlife products, particularly from China and other Far Eastern countries, where legislation is poor and rarely enforced. The increased presence of Chinese workers on major projects financed by China has also been cited as a major reason for the increase in poaching now also evident across East Africa.

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